• How it started
  • Crosschain arbitrage in action
  • Under the hood
  • What does this enable?
  • Composability maximalist

How it started

This tweet triggered lots of people with over 50 comments and one of the conversations was with Peter Kim (Builder of USDC v2/Coinbase wallet) concerning the impact on gas price. The higher ETH price becomes, the less affordable it for normal people to use.

The usual response to such conversation is “L2 is soon ™️ “ but L2 still needs a bridge cost to cross from L1. When I pointed that out, Alex “What’s your ETH address? …

Now that Cloudflare is running our eth.link ENS+IPFS gateway service, we're demonstrating our confidence in the new infrastructure and "eating our own dogfood" by maintaining a copy of the ENS Manager App on IPFS at https://app.ens.eth.link (or app.ens.eth/ if you have MetaMask, Opera, Brave, or another compatible browser). To do this, we’re using a great service called Fleek.

Here is a quick guide to how we did it so you can also deploy your website to ENS+IPFS.

  1. Turn your website into a Single Page App (SPA)
  2. Setup Continuous Integration (CI) on Fleek and transfer the Controller
  3. Set up the SSL…

After my friend Marc “alpha leak” Zeller recommended 7 Defi dapp to try out (for the wishful thinking of yet another token drops), I naively created a Kickback page to pledge 10 xDAI to try out all the Defi gems he recommended (and lose if you don’t complete), despite some defi veterans warned the high gas fee.

This is my log of actually trying out all 7 of them in 30 days (5 of them were actually done in 1 day).

1. ParaSwap

ParaSwap is a Dex Aggregator similar to 1inch with different UI.

It’s been over a year since the ENS short name auction (for (3–6 character .ETH names) completed, and it is amazing that many Ethereum community members proudly put their .ETH name in their social media profile.

However, people forget to renew their ENS names despite renewal notification services and the ability to pay ahead as many years as you want, and a significant number of names have been released recently.

As I mentioned in a previous post, we are expecting a peak of over 1000 names to be released on 4th February which includes many short names won…

Before I decide what I would focus in 2021, I want to look back what I have made last year besides my normal contribution to ENS and Kickback

  • AMM on Flow blockchain = Ally-oop
  • Personal Token social network = Stuckwithu.eth
  • NFT on xDAI = artist.matoken.eth on nifty.ink
  • Arb opportunity charts = INDEX COOP and xDAI

AMM on Flow blockchain = Ally-oop

During the summer, I participated in an 8-week builder program organised by Dapper labs and created a super simple AMM using Flow programming language called Cadence.

The reason I was interested in Flow is the fact that high gas rise on Ethereum made it difficult…

Image from https://www.mutualventures.co.uk/public-services-in-2021/

Now that 2020 is about to end and many of you may be reflecting this year and planning for 2021. As usual, you may want to do something new which doesn’t last for more than 3 days. A few weeks ago, we announced Kickback new year resolution challenge to propose doing it on Kickback (pledging platform where you pledge to do something and if you don’t your pledge gets redistributed to those who do) so you can have skin in the game. …

30 Days challenge + Kickback Contribution + Match funding = Delegated Giving

2020 is about to end and time to plan what you want to achieve in 2021. We all come up with many new wishes (lose weight, start something new, etc) which don’t last for more than 3 days.

At Kickback, we run series of 30 days fitness challenges where participants pledge money to complete. At the end of the 30 days only the winners get the payout from the pot we all pledged. We want to enhance the challenges with a bit of twist.

If you want to start something new for 2021, read the followings and join the telegram…

Back in August, over 280k .ETH names were released and 2000 of these were re-registered during the so called “decaying premium” period, paying the extra premium (read the full results here). Since then, 10~30 names have been released daily.

However, we will be encountering another spike of names released in the next few months until it reaches a peak of 1271 names a day to be released on February 4th, 2021.

Dune source https://explore.duneanalytics.com/queries/14802/

Most of these are names from the short names auctions about a year ago on OpenSea.

In total, there were 50,355 bids made for 7670 names, with the…

With more people using mobile wallets, WalletConnect has been one of the most requested features for the ENS Manager App. I am pleased to announce that we finally added support.

In addition to MetaMask (and any injected wallet such as Status.im, Opera, etc) and WalletConnect, we also added support for Portis, Torus, Authereum, and MEW wallet, which are supported by the Wallet Modal framework.

Reverse Records

So what can you do with these wallet support besides registering ENS names and setting cryptocurrency addresses?

The answer is…. setting up your reverse record.

Once you go to “My Account” page, you can set your…

As part of “Graph Curator prgam”, I created a simple graph demonstrating when the arbitrage opportunities arise between various Defi derivative products and I would like to share some tips I learnt along the way.

  • Graph Curator program
  • IndexCoop DPI Arbitration Bot
  • Dune Analytics vs TheGraph
  • Fighting the quark of Subgraph and AssemblyScript
  • Composability vs Customisation
  • Building Frontend with Recharts.js
  • Were there arbitrage opportunities on DPI?

Graph Curator program

From https://thegraph.com/blog/curator-program-launch

Developers of decentralized applications need to rely on accurate and efficient APIs but since subgraphs are open-source and can be built by anyone, it can be difficult to identify which subgraphs are…

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