ENS Online Workshop — October 2021

4 min readSep 13, 2021

Since we had the last workshop back in April, ENS has experienced tremendous growth. Compared to this time last year, we now have 10x the number of daily .eth name registrations. ENS names are often one of the first NFTs people purchase when they begin interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. We have over 280 Dapps integrated, with many new features soon to be available.

We would like to have a space for interactive discussions with builders who have integrated with ENS or are planning to.

Our next half-day ENS workshop will be held on Monday, October 18th. The start time is 16:00 UTC (US pacific 09:00, US eastern 12:00, London 17:00, Zurich 18:00, Taipei 24:00, Auckland +1 04:00).

The format for the workshop is based on the format of previous ENS workshops. We will be dividing the workshop into the following 50 minute sessions. Participants are encouraged to join the sessions they are interested in.

  • ENS as NFT v2 (aka Name Wrapper) : 16:00–16:50 UTC
  • ENS name as web3 profile : 17:00–17:50 UTC
  • Layer 2 progress update : 18:00–18:50 UTC
  • EthOnline hackathon show and tell: 19:00–19:50 UTC

If you are a builder, have integrated ENS into your Dapp (or are planning to), or you are interested in learning more about upcoming features, please apply to participate in the workshop via this form.

Before you apply, please read the following topic descriptions and choose which sessions you would like to attend. You are welcome to apply to participate in multiple sessions.

NOTE: While we are limited to the number of participants able to join the meeting room, we are also planning to stream the workshop live on Youtube so anyone interested in attending can watch the sessions and participate through the live chat.

ENS as NFT v2 (aka Name Wrapper)

The .eth name became an ERC721 compliant NFT when we transitioned into permanent registrar back in 2019. While the .eth name is one of the most widely used domain name NFTs, their subdomains are not NFTs by default.

We have had many requests to make subdomains more powerful. We have been working on Version 2, which will make subdomains and DNS names imported to ENS into NFTs, for nearly a year.

NameWrapper is a smart contract that wraps existing ENS names, providing several new features:

  • Wrapped names are ERC1155 tokens
  • Better permission control over wrapped names
  • Consistent API for names at any level of the hierarchy

In this session, we will explain the details of the new smart contract related to subdomains. We will also brainstorm ideas with participants on how ENS subdomains being NFTs can be used, along with best practices.

ENS name as web3 profile

As our users discovered ENS names appearing in dapps they connected to, ENS became a repository for neutral web3 profiles. Many users now use their .eth name in web2 services like Twitter and Discord.

In this session, we would like to talk about some of the work in progress specifications that allow users to make use of ENS for identity.

Layer 2 work update

Our intention with ENS is to create a L2-agnostic framework where each name owner can choose to use a specific Layer 2 (or even their own offchain database). The main use case is for dapps to issue subdomains (e.g. matoken.dydx.exchange) under the chain they are deployed (e.g. Starkware for dydx).

During the last workshop, Nick Johnson did a demo of Layer 2 integration with Optimism.

After the workshop, Nick refined the protocol and released “Durin”, a protocol and framework for the secure retrieval of off-chain data, as part of EVM smart contract communication.

In this session we would like to have participation from various L2/EVM chain protocols, to discuss what will be required to build out more PoC on each platform.

EthOnline Show & Tell

ENS has been sponsoring small amounts ($100x 15) of prizes to teams who made a simple ENS integration at EthGlobal hackathons.

For the upcoming ETHOnline hackathon, we raised the prize to $3,000 for those who make use of the more advanced features of ENS, such as subdomains, text records, and Durin.

We would like to invite EthOnline hackathon participants to pitch their work for an additional $1,000 price, chosen by community vote.


In our next workshop, on Monday, October 18th, we are excited to discuss our upcoming features with builders in the community to help you understand how to make the best use of ENS.

If you would like to participate in the workshop and contribute to the discussion, please fill in this form to apply (The application is closed. You can watch YouTube live stream here).

If you are interested in finding out more, follow us on Twitter and join our Discord for details about the workshop.

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