Ether 11: Homestead version of Dapps For Beginners

While I was at the last Ethereum London codeup, a couple of people recommended me to read Dapps for beginners, Javascript API 1 section.

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I spent a weekend going through the tutorial battling through obsolete syntax and API calls on both Solidity contracts and web3.js javascript library, and finally managed to complete it. Along the way I get a lot of support from guitter Ethereum channels.

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It’s a bit shame to leave these findings behind so I uploaded the modified version of the tutorial sample code into github.

One of the difficulties writing frontend javascript app nowadays is rich and complex tool chain choices. There are lots of power tools to help you manage Javascript library dependencies but that’s quite overwhelming to people who are not new to Ethereum but also new to Javascript. To avoid the hassle, I committed web3.js library using Bower with other dependencies, so you should be able to setup fairly easily.

Like many other my blog posts, I also created a video walk through which hopefully should help you to leap the final hurdle of making your very first Dapp(Distributed App)

Here are the list of links I mentioned in the video walkthrough.

I think I now covered the minimum things you need to know to get your Dapp development started. The approach I’ve shown you in the walkthrough are a bit hacky ways, so I am looking forward to trying out frameworks such as truffle, embark, and dapple. Once I figure out how to use these, I may do another video walkthrough.

Happy Hacking!!

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