• Paul Pereira

    Paul Pereira

    business technologist at XCIPHER harnessing the implications of a realtime and blockchain protocol first world

  • Jez


  • Jakub Wojciechowski

    Jakub Wojciechowski

    CTO at Alice.si, a company that builds social impact engine on top of the Ethereum platform.

  • IPEVO_Japan



  • Andrés Esteves

    Andrés Esteves

  • Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio

    Rohan Sinclair Luvaglio

    Dr. Startup — Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor

  • Rufus Rankin, DBA

    Rufus Rankin, DBA

    Full-Time Investor, Part-Time Professor | https://linktr.ee/rufusrankin

  • Nigel Smith

    Nigel Smith

    Head of Content @FutureLearn and co-run Tufnell Park Film Club (@tpfilmclub). Nerdish tendencies in the realms of movies, American telly and twangy music.

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