Hi Chris, thank you very much for your detailed answer.
The point about identity vs claim is very clear to me now.

Thank you for questioning the usefulness of putting proof of insurance policy on blockchain. That’s exactly the point I am trying to figure out so any honest feedback is welcome.

I do agree about the fact that insurance policy does not live long. Providing similar information via a web API is probably sufficient. Blockchain will give you audit trail for free but it may not be strong enough reason.

I am curious to find out your definition of “owned” and why you think insurance policy is owned by an issuer while academic certificate is(or needs to be) owned by students when both certificates can be revoked by the issuers.

Our company sell business insurance for small businesses and our customers are contractors, builders, etc, so their employers and clients often ask our customers to show that they have a valid insurance cover to conduct the work. This seemed similar to the use case of academic certificate on blockchain and that’s the reason I started to research your service as a reference point.

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