Recap of ENS Online Workshop, October 2021

3 min readOct 21, 2021

Session 1: ENS as NFT v2 (aka Name Wrapper)

ENS developer jefflau.eth talked about the upcoming NameWrapper library which wraps existing ENS names (.ETH names, subdomains, and DNS names imported into ENS), makes them all ERC-1155 NFTs in the same collection (currently only .ETH names follow a standard and its ERC-721), and gives better permissions over subdomains (including the ability to lock a subdomains from its parent without giving up control of the parent).

You can read the full slide of the session below.

Session 2: ENS name as web3 profile

Brantly.eth talked about developments related to using an ENS name and records as a user’s cross-platform username and profile, including NFT avatar support, the new metadata service, the Reverse Record being renamed Primary ENS Name, the upcoming manager redesign, and more. He then passed the mic to Wayne and Rocco from SpruceID who are leading the current effort to standardize Sign-In with Ethereum.

Session 3: Layer 2 progress update

We kicked off the third session with an announcement from Sergey Nazarov from ChainLink of our collaboration to make our layer 2 solution more scalable. What we used to call Durin is now called CCIP Read. We will give more details about the collaboration in a separate post.

After the announcement, I gave a brief overview of the current status of the work including demoing the CCIP Read wrapper provider. The idea is to wrap the complex communication between layer 1 and 2 via a gateway server into EIP-1193 compatible provider object so that different libraries like ethersio or web3js can extend the new capability with minimum code change.

Nick then led the conversation of how to ensure that our framework will work not only on Optimism (which our current R&D effort is based on) but on other L2 frameworks, with participants from ZKsync and Starkware.

Session 4: Community show & tell

We had 5 teams from our ecosystems present their projects ranging from an NFT gallery to a chat system that was tightly integrated with ENS.

We were initially going to do community snapshot voting but quickly found out that there were nearly 1000 votes already made BEFORE even the second pitch ended, which we suspected due to POAP mining.

We quickly moved the voting to the event survey.

We had over 60 votes and are pleased to announce that the winner goes to slobo.eth who presented nifty chat.

Thank you for participating

This is the first time we did a workshop on Zoom while live-streaming it on YouTube.

As mentioned at the end of the session, we are giving away POAP badges to those who filled in our online survey form which was available from our ENS name gated discord channel.

We had 64 submissions but only they will be given to those who provided with correct ENS name which resolves to real ETH address. For those who just pasted ETH addresses, ngmi.

Up until now, I (Makoto) have been organizing ENS workshops. Now that we have talented alisha.eth leading our community, please expect more events to come.

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