Sites to check when you want to migrate your Uniswap LP from v2 to v3

Checking your profit on L2

Comparing Liquidity between v2 and v3

V3 Fee Calculator

Quick google search let me to this fee calculator site.

  • The range is only based on the last 5 days
  • The page freezes after a few minutes and I have to refresh the page (and pick the correct pair) again.

Show historical price range with BitQuery

Checking the liquidity range .

One of the problems of v3 is that if you have a very narrow range, you may earn a lot of fees while the price is in the range, but you will earn zero once it goes outside of the range.

Uniswap v3 Simulator


In this blog post, I quickly went through all the tools I used to figure out the potential range you want to put into v3 pool if you haven’t migrated yet.




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