Tokens are the new social graph. Discover who holds which personal tokens (introducing )

  • The beginning
  • Personal token holders data from bird’s eye view
  • Personal token holders<3<3<3 NFT

The beginning

At Kickback, Wong Joon Ian has been hosting a meetup “Personal Talkens” and has been airdropping his $xJOON (xDai chain representation of his personal token $JOON)

Personal token holders data from bird’s eye view

My dapp visualises the crossover of token personal token holdings among their friends in a spider chart.

Top 10 tokens by address distribution

Forefront and CoinGecko already have personal token ranking board by market cap so I created a ranking based on the number of addresses distributed.

Token holders by each token

Address distribution

Among 6786 addresses which hold these personal tokens, the average number of personal tokens holder is 13 while the median is 7.

Personal token holders <3 <3 <3 NFT

Blockchain data is usually dry as most information is a number, including the address. My first attempt to make blockchain data more user friendly was to integrate with ENS so that it shows the ENS name of certain addresses.


In this blog post, I went through some of the data related to personal tokens while building . Please play around with various coins and ENS names combinations, and share the result via Twitter!



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