Tokens are the new social graph. Discover who holds which personal tokens (introducing )

4 min readOct 29, 2020

I recently participated and created a small dapp which visualise the social graph of personal token holders. This blogpost will show you some of the discoveries I made while building the dapp.

  • The beginning
  • Personal token holders data from bird’s eye view
  • Personal token holders<3<3<3 NFT

The beginning

At Kickback,

has been hosting a meetup “Personal Talkens” and has been airdropping his $xJOON (xDai chain representation of his personal token $JOON)

For personal token issuers, it is important to distribute their token to their community members and as such, it is interesting for them to find out what kind of people holds their tokens.

As part of hackathon which focuses on building personal token related tools and services, I created an app called

Personal token holders data from bird’s eye view

My dapp visualises the crossover of token personal token holdings among their friends in a spider chart.

However, it may be a bit difficult to start if you don’t know any personal tokens nor friends who may hold these tokens, so I processed all token holders of 273 personal tokens (mainly on but added a few well known tokens outside of their platform), resulting in collecting 6700 addresses.

You can get the full data here but I will break down some of the core findings. I initially collected the data to create Netflix like “the person who holds this token also holds this one” recommendation system, but the system did not seem to perform well (probably dataset is not big enough). Instead, I decided to dive into the dataset for a quick analysis.

Top 10 tokens by address distribution

Forefront and CoinGecko already have personal token ranking board by market cap so I created a ranking based on the number of addresses distributed.

Some big player like $ALEX, $WHALE, $COIN, $CHERRY, and $RAC are in the ranking based on market cap. The notable difference is the coins issued by NFT artists. $SKULL and $HUE are well known artists often introduced by Roll, but $BONES, $YUMI are the ones I discovered while building this dapp.

Token holders by each token

Like many other tokens, personal tokens are in the “long tail” in terms of token distribution. The average number of token holders is 43 but the median is 11 due to some big players.

Address distribution

Among 6786 addresses which hold these personal tokens, the average number of personal tokens holder is 13 while the median is 7.

The distribution is more skewed than token holding distribution. The top 2 addresses where smart contract so I am guessing that they belong to TryRoll for their standard three year vesting period (though I didn’t confirm). The 3rd one which holds 265 tokens (worth $6 million) is EOA (externally owned account) account but this may also be some sort of system account given the account does not hold any Defi tokens.

Personal token holders <3 <3 <3 NFT

Blockchain data is usually dry as most information is a number, including the address. My first attempt to make blockchain data more user friendly was to integrate with ENS so that it shows the ENS name of certain addresses.

Unfortunately, ENS adoption is still not enough to use as a social identity, so I also hit OpenSea API to show what NFT these Eth address holders posses.

This looks more interesting! The first address 0x29 is more likely be Ameen as it owns ENS names such as ameen.eth, molochdao.eth, and spankchain.eth

$Bones ( @An0nym0usNobody on Twitter) has ENS name known as anonymousnobody.eth , but many of his NFT holdings are the ones minted by himself, showing his artistic style.

$Whale is known as one of the biggest NFT art collectors, and their top token holders seem to have the common preference of NFT with human figures such as Soccer T-Shirt, Avastar, and Golf wear.


In this blog post, I went through some of the data related to personal tokens while building . Please play around with various coins and ENS names combinations, and share the result via Twitter!