You Can Now Manage ENS Names with Gnosis Safe

2 min readApr 3, 2021

With Gnosis Safe, forming a DAO with your friends to manage high-value asset is becoming quick and easy.

When PleaserDAO purchased the infamous “x*y=k” NFT art by @pplpleasr1, they also purchased pleaserdao.eth. ENS is one of the few NFT collections they currently possess something from.

Pointing an ENS name to a multisig account is easy as long as some Externally Owned Account (EOA) can set it on behalf of the multisig.

Setting the reverse record (which allows dapps to recognise which ENS name the Ethereum address points to), however, has been difficult because the setting has to be done by the Gnosis contract account itself.

Thanks to contributions from the Gnosis team, we are pleased to announce that you can now manage your ENS name via Gnosis Safe.

Here are the easy 3 steps (NOTE: I assumed that you already set Gnosis safe address to your ENS name).

Step 1: Load ENS page from “Apps” section.

If the icon does not appear, then click “Add custom app” and paste

Once the page is loaded, the ENS page should be automatically connected as the Gnosis Safe account instead of your EOA account.

Step 2: Go to “My Account” -> “Set reverse record”, select the ENS name, then click “save”

This will popup the confirmation page. Click “Submit”.

Step 3: Ask your multisig members to go to “Transactions” tab, click “Awaiting your confirmation” => “Confirm” => “Submit”.

Here is a walkthrough video:

In this blog post, I showed you how to set reverse record so that your Gnosis Safe address is tied into your DAO ENS name. What else can you do? Another interesting use case would be to issue a new subdomain to DAO members.

I hope this integration helps you to make better use of the ENS name for your DAO.

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