Since we had the last workshop back in April, ENS has experienced tremendous growth. Compared to this time last year, we now have 10x the number of daily .eth name registrations. ENS names are often one of the first NFTs people purchase when they begin interacting with the Ethereum blockchain. We have over 280 Dapps integrated, with many new features soon to be available.

We would like to have a space for interactive discussions with builders who have integrated with ENS or are planning to.

Our next half-day ENS workshop will be held on Monday, October 18th. The start time…

In our previous post, we talked about “Token gated event page” that allows only certain token holders to RSVP. Once you attend the event, you can also easily issue POAP badges as Kickback has the ETH address of all the attendees (or you can even use POAP badge as a check-in mechanism).

In this blog post, we will introduce our new feature, “Kickback ticket as NFT” and how event organisers can host ticket holder only events.

Step 1. Create and RSVP an event on Kickback

Once you create an event, the event URL (/address/0x…) contains the token collection address.

To actually visit the NFT itself, you can click OpenSea…

How it started:

Don’t you just absolutely hate trying to get a firm headcount on an event? Venues have limited capacity, you need to figure out how much food/beverages to procure, and there’s always that person who says they’re coming, confirms, and ends up not showing up.

Kickback was started to help solve this RSVP<-->NoShow problem by adding a bit of financial friction to the equation. To RSVP, every attendee deposits a small amount of money (crypto) into an escrow (smart) contract.

The event organizer “checks in” attendees:

  • the attendee receives their deposit back
  • the non-attendees forfeit their deposit and their ante is…

I’m not an active LP (Liquidity Provider) but I’ve had ETH2-FLI (indexcoop’s ETH leveraged token) / ETH pair on Uniswap for quite some time. The reason I had that pair is that both leveraged token and eth token should move in the same direction so should be a less impermanent loss. However, I also know that I shouldn’t be earning much fee once Uniswap v3 is in place.

I still don’t fully know the best strategy yet but I will share the sites I looked through on my way of figuring out.

Checking your profit on L2

(NOTE: This address is some random…

As an increasing number of dapps start to support multiple chains, you have started noticing that ENS names are usually shown when you’re connected to Ethereum mainnet, but not when connected to different chains.

This is because the ENS registry contracts are only deployed to Ethereum mainnet and some testnets (Rinkeby, Ropsten, and Goerli).

Always refer to ENS name from Mainnet

Our recommendation is simple: always refer to the ENS name on Ethereum mainnet (networkId 1).

On the event ticketing application called Kickback (run by me and my ENS co-worker Jeff), we have a function called getEnsAddress that connects to mainnet and simply gets data from there…

I have attended ETHcc every year since 2017 (when it was still called EDCON). I was so glad to be able to come back to it in-person this year! Here’s a recap of how ENS participated.

ENS mentioned everywhere

I have attended a couple of key notes and it was great that many speakers mentioned ENS as a way to tie in their on-chain identities.

During one of side events, I also met an attendee who showed me her collection of ENS names with pride!

At the closing event, there was a raffle prize event using POAP and it was great…

I am finally pleased to announce that Kickback is deployed to the Polygon network.

We already have another instance on xDAI which has a super low gas price, so why do you deploy yet another one? The answer is community. Each chain has unique sets of Dapps deployed. Polygon especially attracted lots of NFT and Defi communities and I am keen to find out if any of these communities in Polygon want to try out new governance-related features (Governance badges, Ethereum life feed, and Token gated event page)which we introduced recently.

From the heated debate of $SHIBA among $GTC holders to the success story of PleaserDAO winning high profile auction bids, the DAOs and their governance activities are in the full swing.

Many people now live and breeze in Ethereum through DAOs. They vote for protocols, collectively buy NFT, and earn POAP badges through online events.

We are happy to introduce a series of new features to keep up with their lifestyle.

1. Governance badges

As a governance token holder, one of the first things you can do is to participate in community voting via snapshot, a popular off-chain governance tool hosting over 1000…

It has been one month since we announced our 4th Anniversary NFT giveaway of Pplpleasr NFT.

We asked our community member how many copies to give away, either 100 copies with a raffle or “unlimited” (one copy to everyone who entered).

ENS launched four years ago today!

To celebrate, we’ve commissioned a new NFT artwork piece by pplpleasr and will be giving it away to ENS name holders who meet certain criteria (explained below). Read on to learn how you could win!

Four years of growth

Since ENS launched on May the 4th 2017, there has been strong growth in both user adoption and dapp integrations.

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