It has been one month since we announced our 4th Anniversary NFT giveaway of Pplpleasr NFT.

We asked our community member how many copies to give away, either 100 copies with a raffle or “unlimited” (one copy to everyone who entered).

ENS launched four years ago today!

To celebrate, we’ve commissioned a new NFT artwork piece by pplpleasr and will be giving it away to ENS name holders who meet certain criteria (explained below). Read on to learn how you could win!

Four years of growth

Since ENS launched on May the 4th 2017, there has been strong growth in both user adoption and dapp integrations.

A couple of weeks ago, there was the discussion in the Twittersphere of “Which NFT is the oldest?”. Even though it is debatable whether to include pre-Ethereum collectables such as colored coins and RarePepes, CryptoPunks is the most well known “one of the first” NFTs on Ethereum.

However, there are a few NFT projects that even predate CryptoPunks, and ENS is one of them.

Unlike CryptoPunks, ENS did not use a token standard until May 2019, so you can’t see the transfer history on OpenSea (in fact most OG ENS names seemingly start their history in February 2020 because…

Now that we have over 200 services integrated with ENS, here’s a showcase of some dapps that use ENS well.

Here are three ways to integrate with ENS we highlight in our docs, and this post will follow the same format.

1. Resolving ENS names

The first step to supporting ENS in your application is making your application understand ENS names, and accepting them anywhere an address is accepted. This is especially useful in wallets.

Forward resolution on

Etherscan is one of the most widely used Ethereum websites where you can inspect all your transactions and balances. …

Since we moved away from the deposit model to the annual spent fee model, we have spike in name expirations on May (for all names) and October (short names).

We noticed the renewal spike 30 days prior to the mass expiration date (May the 4th is when we switched). This is probably because many people added email reminder via BuidlHub mail notification service.

Even though renewal gas cost is not as expensive as registration, it is currently ranging between 30~50 USD which is still expensive.

We had another successful online workshop with representation from various backgrounds, from DNS experts to artists.

You can watch all the sessions on our Youtube playlist, but here is a quick recap.

Session 1: DNS Integration

Brantly gave an update on DNS namespace integration, both at the TLD and 2LD levels. We got some feedback from DNS-world people on various ways names can interact in both systems, particularly how a DNS TLD owner can make his TLD ENS-only.

Session 2: Governance

The first half of this session was spent discussing our current governance model, especially on our plan on how to restrict the root multisig…

With Gnosis Safe, forming a DAO with your friends to manage high-value asset is becoming quick and easy.

When PleaserDAO purchased the infamous “x*y=k” NFT art by @pplpleasr1, they also purchased pleaserdao.eth. ENS is one of the few NFT collections they currently possess something from.

Pointing an ENS name to a multisig account is easy as long as some Externally Owned Account (EOA) can set it on behalf of the multisig.

Setting the reverse record (which allows dapps to recognise which ENS name the Ethereum address points to), however, has been difficult because the setting has to be done…

As briefly mentioned in our financial report, we have been internally discussing how we can allocate some of the registration fees to pay it forward, with grants supporting the ENS ecosystem and beyond. As our ENS workshop is approaching, we would like to invite more grant-giving DAO experts to the discussion.

In the last workshop, Nylon from DxDAO presented how they utilise DAOStack to run their DAO, which you can watch in the following video.

In the upcoming workshop, we especially would like to discuss the following topics.

  • What are the pros/cons of the top-down consortium type approach (e.g…

In my previous post, I talked about how adding reverse records add a sense of ownership and participation to your site. I also introduced a new smart contract that makes reverse lookup easy.

To eat my own dog food, I wrote a small script to go through the latest trending NFTs on OpenSea and check how many people have actually set the reverse records for their ENS name.

As a sample, I used CryptoPunks, WrappedMooncats, Hashmasks, and Beeple which were in the top 10 trending NFTs on OpenSea last week.

I chose them because most of them issue tokens within…

ENS as the evidence of ownership and provenance

NFTs have suddenly become the topic of discussion in the mainstream media. There are heated debates about the value of the NFTs when the metadata itself can be easily copy&pasted.

Everyone has a different opinion about the usefulness of NFTs being on a blockchain. I personally think that the traceability of the creation and ownership of NFTs is why NFTs will have some value.

Who minted and who owns the NFT can be as important as the art itself, but many Ethereum addresses in Hex format don’t tell many stories about the ownership. Some NFT galleries such as ethblock.Art

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